and its okay :(

Not everyone has a perfect life. Everyone has some sort of problems in life. They believe that they are the only ones suffering from this pain and hence act really rude to you. I have been in these situations, if u read my previous blogs you would know the relationship between me and my ex. […]

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why anime taught me better

why anime taught me better. I, stand by my words that anime has taught me about life more than anybody has. Although it may seem stupid, you may have thoughts like ” how can anime teach you about life ” ” its just a stupid japanese cartoon” well, if you are having such thoughts right […]

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honestly this is the worst phase ever. My grades arent good and I believe I have changed. Changing your personality is a biig time change. Sometimes I think if he/she can do it why cant I. But that never works. Even when I put in a lot of effort nothing changes. When I ask for […]

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OHMMYGAWDNESSGRACIOUS yes i watch anime a lot of anime and i luvit Thats Dazai osamu by the way. Hes the main character from the anime Bungo Stray dogs and hes smart hot ( Hot to me 😉 ) and very very very talented. Oh yes his sense of humor is literally the best. This anime […]

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i wrote a poem

I cant help i had too many feelings put them right on paper but it was all concealing I look up at the ceiling felt all the pain was healing seeing those happy flashbacks of you and I smiling   I see you being happy while Im suffering so badily Never know if its hidden […]

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happiness: the state of being happy Well,, I cannot be very optimistic. But after the breakdown I had I feel happy, happy not in a good way. True I cannot get over him completely but yes its kinda reassuring. So i was searching my closet for my grey shirt( btw i love grey shirts) and […]

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writing down all my feelings…. Flashback to 6 months ago my crush asked me out, yes i knowww it was crazyyy we talked a lot we loved each other, pretty sure we did. well,, i did But we didnt last really long , we lasted for about 5 months . But i really loved him […]

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